18K フェンスガード ブレスレット ナワラタナ 6481 YG 正面1 |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー | QVC
18K フェンスガード ブレスレット ナワラタナ 6481 YG 着用4 |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー | QVC
18K フェンスガード ブレスレット ナワラタナ 6481 YG 着用3 アンクレット |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー | QVC
18K フェンスガード ブレスレット ナワラタナ 6481 YG 着用1 |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー | QVC
18K フェンスガード ブレスレット ナワラタナ 6481 YG 着用2 |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー | QVC

18K nawaratana X Butterfly bracelet yellow gold (1)

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"ナワラタナ"A lucky charm to fix the fate to reach Sri Lanka from は, the ancient times. "Nine treasure" means in a Sri Lankan word.
Nine established jewels are used, and each jewel expresses nine planets told to control the life of the person.


Because Butterfly( butterfly) transforms itself from a pupa into a butterfly, it is symbolized the beauty and the growth. It is mysterious form to express positive transformation.

A site limitation product formally online as for this, the bracelet of the special offer price!
An adjuster is with a slide, and adjustment of the length is possible smoothly and can ease the putting on and taking off, too.

It was few, but, because of an attention product, prepared stock of the ブレッシング finished. Because it becomes the order sale again if stock sells, thank you for your understanding.
※So that fix the power balance to dwell in a natural stone with ブレッシング, and the person who wore it finds happiness; is 奉 げることです for the prayer that is special at a Sri Lankan temple.

Product specifications

Pink sapphire (1 round shape stone)
フェルスパー (1 round shape stone)
Ruby (1 round shape stone)
Green tourmaline (1 round shape stone))
Yellow sapphire (1 round shape stone))
White sapphire (1 round shape stone))
Blue sapphire (1 round shape stone))
Orange garnet (1 round shape stone))
Cat's-eye (1 round shape cabochon stone)
※All nail end

[the size length X side of the motif]
Approximately 14mm *12mm

21.5cm in total length (as for the butterfly part about 15mm)/ length adjustment, a ball slide-type)

18K yellow gold

[carved seal]