About nawaratana

Origin of nanaratana


"Nawaratana" is an amulet that is transmitted to Sri Lanka from ancient times to arrange fate. It means "nine treasures" in Sri Lanka.

Nine different gems are used, and each gem represents nine planets which are considered to govern human life.

The roots were passed down between the royal family of Sri Lanka and some nobles, considered by astronomers and astrologers to protect royalty and nobility.


The power of nine stars in nafatana

9 stars

Everyone has a good time and a bad time by the arrangement of stars and the arrangement of the present stars at birth.

Nalatana is a secret that can always continue to receive the power of stars, regardless of star arrangement.

By always wearing nine stars in nawaratana, a bad time can also balance human energy and turn fate.


 9 stones in nalatana

9 stones

Nine stones in nalatana represent each planet.

The sun (Pink Sapphire) is not cut off any connection with a loved one.
Pin sapphhil-sun

Moon stone (moon stone), jealousy, stress, and tolerance and judgment.
You know you are a power to control your own needs, take away your suspicion and jealousy, and proporates your generosity and good.

The stone of Mars helps to increase the tension of the mind and to have the right judgment.
Ruby-mars: This is a not that.

Mercury tourmaline gives us the coolness to overcome fear and shock.
It's your feeling.

Jupiter's rock (yellow sapphire) gives people's attention and gives them the power to love.
Yellow sapphyre - Jupiter.

Venus stone (white sapphire) brings the encounter of fate, and gives us the heart, the acceptance heart.
We hope you forgive and accept.

Saturn's stone (blueshia) brings about the resolution of the complex and the ability to face any difficulty.
Blue sapphyre - it takes your insecurity away and empowers you to stand up to any trouble.

Uranite stone (orange garnet) leads work and life to success. Raise motherhood and bring a loving character.
Garnet Uranus it is a stone of authority and victory, doing you a success career and life.

Earth rock (cat's-eye) call lucky. Work, money, education, and family troubles will save you every success.
Cats this earth is your luck.


A special prayer of nalatana

A special prayer

Nine stones in nawaratana use a carefully selected natural stone to make a charm.

The power of the universe is accumulated in the stone that has been sleeping deep in the ground for hundreds of millions of years and tens of thousands of years.

Blessing is a special prayer to the Sri Lanka temple in order to make the power balance stay in the natural stone and to be happy for the person who comes in.