Pt .900 nawaratana X Rising Sun platinum ring
Pt.900 nai atana × Rising Sun Platynaling
Pt.900 nawaratana × Rising Sun platinum ring
Pt.900 nawaratana x Rising Sun Platinum Ring

Pt.900 nawaratana × Rising Sun Ring Platinum

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"Nawaratana" is a talisman for preparing the fate of Sri Lanka since ancient times. It means "nine treasures" in Sri Lanka.
Nine defined gems are used, each of which represents nine planets that are thought to govern human life.

Nawaratana × Rising Sun

Rising Sun is a symbol of a new start.
It means the birth of a new life, awareness, concept, perfection, relationship.

A ring that expresses the powerful light of the sunrise with diamonds, the deep brilliance of platinum adds dignity and tenderness.
A new start with the gentleness and kindness of the sun!

Product specifications

Pink sapphire (round shape 1 stone)
Felspar (1 round shape)
Ruby (1 round shape)
Green tourmaline (round shape 1 stone)
Yellow sapphire (round shape 1 stone)
White sapphire (round shape 1 stone)
Blue sapphire (round shape 1 stone)
Orange garnet (round shape 1 stone)
Cat's Eye (Round Shape Cabochon Cut 1 Stone)
Diamond (18 stones)
* All nails

[Motif size length x width]
About 5mm x 4mm

[Minimum width of ring]
About 2mm


[Carved seal]