18K ホースシュー ペンダント ナワラタナ YG 正面1 |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー| QVC
18K ホースシュー ペンダント ナワラタナ YG 正面アップ|めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー| QVC
18K ホースシュー ペンダント ナワラタナ YG 正面2 |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー| QVC
18K ホースシュー ペンダント ナワラタナ YG 裏 |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー| QVC
18K ホースシュー ペンダント ナワラタナ WG 正面 |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー| QVC

18K nawaratana X Horseshoe pendant yellow gold

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"nawaratana"A lucky charm to fix the fate to reach Sri Lanka from は, the ancient times. "Nine treasure" means in a Sri Lankan word.
Nine established jewels are used, and each jewel expresses nine planets told to control the life of the person.


Form with a meaning called "that Horseshoe( horse's hoof) takes" good luck.
It is the symbol which has been valued in all parts of the world.

Horseshoe where nine stones of nawaratana were arranged for the entire surface.
It is a pendant of the yellow gold which I wish that a lot of good luck be taken, and was designed.

Product specifications

Pink sapphire (1 round shape stone)
フェルスパー (1 round shape cabochon stone)
Ruby (1 round shape stone)
Green tourmaline (1 round shape stone))
Yellow sapphire (1 round shape stone))
White sapphire (1 round shape stone))
Blue sapphire (1 round shape stone))
Orange garnet (1 round shape stone))
Cat's-eye (1 round shape cabochon stone)

[the size length X side of the motif]
Approximately 12.5mm *9.0mm

[length of the chain / shape]
There is no about 45.5cm/ adzuki bean adjuster and is impossible of disassembly

18K yellow gold

[carved seal]