18K 雲 ペンダント ナワラタナ WG 正面1|めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー | QVC
18K 雲 ペンダント ナワラタナ WG 正面2|めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー | QVC
18K 雲 ペンダント ナワラタナ WG 斜め |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー | QVC
18K 雲 ペンダント ナワラタナ WG 裏 |めぐみ|メグミ|お守り ジュエリー | QVC

18K nawaratana x Honeycomb pendant head white gold

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"Nawaratana"is a charm to prepare the fate that has been handed down to Sri Lanka since ancient times. It means "nine treasures" in Sri Lankan.
Nine defined gems are used, each representing nine planets that are said to govern a person's life.

Nawaratana x Honeycomb

Honeycomb is a symbol of happiness and longevity.
Bees are a symbol of rising money luck from the creation of organizations centered on the queen, prosperity, and the accumulation of honey.

The design is modern and white gold pendant head in the shape of a tortoiseshell.
Because it is small, the size that can be worn at any time without choosing the one to match is attractive. The chain is not included. Please enjoy it in your favorite length.

Product specifications

Pink Sapphire (Round Shape 1 Stone)
Felspar (Round Shape Cabochon Cut 1 Stone)
Ruby (round shape 1 stone)
Green tourmaline (round shape 1 stone))
Yellow Sapphire (Round Shape 1 Stone)
White Sapphire (Round Shape 1 Stone)
Blue Sapphire (Round Shape 1 Stone)
Orange Garnet (Round Shape 1 Stone))
Cat's Eye (Round Shape Cabochon Cut 1 Stone)
All nail stopping

[Size of motif]

About: Diameter 10mm, Inner diameter 6mm, Width 4mm

18K White Gold