Nawaratana 18K Butterfly Earrings Yellow Gold
Nawaratana 18K Butterfly Earrings Yellow Gold Enlarged Photo
Nawaratana 18K Butterfly Earrings Yellow Gold Post Part
Nawaratana 18K Butterfly Earrings Yellow Gold Backside

18K nawaratana X Butterfly pierced earrings yellow gold

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"nawratana"is a talisman from Sri lanka  to improve the fate since the ancient times. It means"Nine treasure" in a Sri Lankan word.

Nine established gems are used, and each jewel expresses nine planets told to control the life of the person.


Because Butterfly transforms itself from a pupa into a butterfly, it is symbolized the beauty and the growth. It is mysterious form to express positive transformation.

Nine established nature stones of Nawaratana which I arranged for form and the center of an 18k gold elegant butterfly are beautiful pierced earrings.

Product specifications

Pink sapphire (1 round shape stone)
フェルスパー (1 round shape stone)
Ruby (1 round shape stone)
Green tourmaline (1 round shape stone))
Yellow sapphire (1 round shape stone))
White sapphire (1 round shape stone))
Blue sapphire (1 round shape stone))
Orange garnet (1 round shape stone))
Cat's-eye (1 round shape cabochon stone)

[the size length X side of the motif]
Approximately 14mm *12mm

[the length of the needle of pierced earrings]

18K yellow gold

[carved seal]